Importing songs

Before BpmDj can use your songs, they have to be analyzed. The analysis process takes a jolly good time (about 3 times faster than real-time on a test tablet. If you have 240 minutes worth of music, then the analysis will take about 80 minutes). During analysis, meta-data is written at the same place where the mp3 is stored. E.g if you have an MP3 in /mnt/sdcard/Music/BigFatTechno.mp3, then BpmDj will generate a new file /mnt/sdcard/Music/BigFatTechno.mp3.bpmdj1. The size of the meta-data is about 200k per song, which means that you should always leave some room on the sdcard. Don't fill it up entirely.

The meta-data associated with each MP3 contains a key that uniquely identifies the mp3. That means that whenever you delete the .bpmdj1 meta-data, any mix that might refer to that song will no longer know what song you are talking about. Therefore, once the analysis is performed it is crucial to keep the .bpmdj1 files.

Add songs to the Analysis Queue

Before anything gets analyzed you need to tell BpmDj where the music is that is to be analyzed.

  1. Go to the main navigation panel
  2. Tap the 'Import songs' button:
  3. Go to the directory that contains the MP3s you want to see analyzed
  4. Click on 'Select Directory'
  5. A dialog box should pop up, asking whether the sub directories should be scanned as well.

The Analysis Queue

The analysis queue can be accessed by pressing . A window should pop up showing all queued songs. The yellow marked song is the one currently being analyzed. The priority of the various songs can be modified using the and buttons. These buttons are currently not available in the Desktop version.

Certain songs will be marked as , in which case the song won't be analyzed. There are a number of reasons for this

Refreshing the Song Library

When you moved or deleted certain songs, or when you were playing from an external card or USB stick that is no longer there, BpmDj needs to know that. Ordinarily the program simply assumes the data is still there. To tell it otherwise, you can again 'Extend Library' and scan the directory again. BpmDj will automatically see that the songs are no longer present and mark them as 'not available right now'. When you provide the songs again (insert USB stick/external sdcard), a simple 'Add Songs' will make them again available.