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BpmDj: Free DJ Tools for Linux

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Component Default Assignee
analyzers Werner Van Belle
any of the bpmdj sound analyzers
automixer Werner Van Belle
the offline automatic mixer
clock driver Bernard Fortz
Clock driver
codecleanup Werner Van Belle
USed to assign bugs to that should help with cleaning up the code and clarifying the current workings.
documentation Werner Van Belle
the online documentation
flowdb Werner Van Belle
An experimental engine to store and retrieve objects as we need them. Should improve upon the old index files.
packaging Werner Van Belle
Bugs and issues with the packages for different target distributions, such as Gentoo, Debian, Suse etcetera.
player Werner Van Belle
the song player bpmplay
selector Werner Van Belle
main song selector
sound drivers Werner Van Belle
oss, alsa, single machine mixing desk, jack etcetera