BpmDj for Android

  1. Upload Music some MP3 music to your device and place it in some testdirectory. Let's say 20 techno or EDM songs and put them in /mnt/sdcard/Music/Test
  2. Then head off to the google playstore and install 'BpmDj'. Get it >
  3. After installing it, open it and go through the tutorial to get a feeling what the application is about.
  4. Once the tutorial finishes, you end up on a black screen (which is an empty mix). Before you can use your own songs, they must be analyzed. The analysis page describes how to do this. Initially, analyze only your testfolder (E.g /mnt/sdcard/music/Test/).
  5. Then wait for the analysis to finish. This takes a bit of time and power, so you might want to leave your phone connected to a power outlet. At this point you can either choose to go back (using the back button) and create a mix with the songs that are already available, or you can wait. When BpmDj asks 'Shall I run the song analyzer in the background ?', answer with yes, otherwise your songs will not be analyzed.

Upgrade guidelines

BpmDj normally upgrades all databases and related info automatically. Only version 4.5.3 posed some problem wrt the upgrade. The document Release 4.5.3 describes the details.