BpmDj: Next Generation DJ-ing

BpmDj: next generation DJ-ing

  • Beatgraphs show the energy content of each song.
  • No more wasted pixels on anachronisms like turntables.
  • Perform Live: Left channel to main. Right channel to headphone.
  • Transition editing as simple as dragging an image. Choose a transition position; align the beats and be done with it.
  • Similar Song detection based on nearest Neighbors
  • Isomorphic crossfading.
  • Sound effects through a Kaoss pad like interface. A unique combination of FIR and IIR flangers, processed at 32bit accuracy.
  • High quality Butterworth filters.
  • Reverb
  • Super resonant delay
  • Fully automated BPM Detection. Probably the world's most accurate tempo detector. Only ~0.2% drift after 5 minutes.
  • MP3s of your choice
  • Exports WAV files
  • For MacOS, Linux & Windows

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