Praise for BpmDj

Jet Propulsion Lab

... the Tempo and Bark spectrum values were obtained using BpmDj.

Learning User Preferences for Sets of Objects - CS Department UMBC & Machine Learning and Instrument Autonomy Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory - 2006

By users

...tempo analysis is far deeper than in any other thing I might have tested on Android...

Just Friday - 2013

Anders, aber gut BpmDj bietet eine neue (zuerst ungewohnte) Herangehensweise beim erstellen von Mixtapes. Wenn man sich darauf einlässt, erhält man aber sehr schnell recht passable Ergebnisse.

Sven Hespe-Meyer - November 2014

I don't know any other software able to do this

Yixdee after beta testing BpmDj on Windows - January 2016

In research proposals

Digital DJs are already applying technologies such as analysis of BPM and musical similarity to their everyday work. Several software applications are available to these users, some Open Source and some proprietary. Broadly speaking, these applications allow audio tracks from CD or MP3 files to be mixed and cross-faded, duplicating the functionality of traditional dual deck DJ consoles and adding facilities to analyse BPM and other aspects of the musical tracks. Of the available programs, BpmDj is one of the most ambitious and technically advanced.

European Union IST Project Proposal on Content-based Unified Interfaces and Descriptors for Audio/music Databases available Online - 29 December 2003