Selecting Songs

The Song List

The song selector allows you to select songs to be placed after, before or between tracks. The song selector automatically opens when a song is inserted, added or replaced.

The song selector overrides the normal audio stream and either the song-before, the song-after or the selected song plays. A small headphone tells you what song is playing.

In the song selector a number of marking can be shown

marks those songs already in the mix.

marks those authors already in the mix.

marks the song that lies before the song to be inserted.

marks the song that lies after the song to be inserted.

Once an appropriate song to insert or append has been found click on the icon.

There are two possibilities to select songs. When the 'browse filesystem' checkbox is selected, only files in a specific directory will be shown. When this option is deselected, all files in your collection will be shown.

Limitting songs

To make the songlist shorter, a number of options are available. The first is to limit the list to only songs in a specific tempo range. Normally this tempo range is selected to be 6% around the songs that is being matched.

A second method to limit the songset is to select based on tags.

A third option is to use the search field (only available when browsing the full song collection). When the search field is non-empty, only songs for which either title, author or filename match, will be listed.

Sorting the list

The songlist can be sorted according to

Especially the two latter are interesting. When 'Distance to neighbors' is chosen, BpmDj calculates the distance between the candidate song and the target song. That is when the two tracks have similar properties, they are close. If not they are far apart.

The last option, 'Distance to mix and shortlist' will calculate the distance between the candidate song and all songs in the mix and shortlist together. The result is 1) a slower calculation, but that is immaterial, 2) a better estimate of what properties do matter and 3) a DJ who stays true to his mix.

The short list

A persistent shortlist is available. Elements that already exist in the mix are generally not shown in the shortlist.