Managing Mixes

To load a mix, the mix selector must be opened through the menu 'Mixes'.

indicates the currently playing mix.

The search bar can be used to find mixes with titles/DJs that match the search string. Currently, songs within a mix are not searched.

The mixes can be sorted according to mix length, number of songs, last modification time, creation time, mix name or DJ name.

A mix can be inspected by clicking it. Then all the songs in the mix will be shown. Songs in the mix can be tagged with two icons. indicates that the song has no beatgraph associated with it anymore (you might have deleted it... bad boy). indicates that the mp3 file was not found. Both indicators can be on at the same time. If you know that you did not delete these files then you might need to rescan your file system in order to detect them again. This typically happens after a reinstall of BpmDj.

The buttons in each mix:

loads the mix.

duplicates the mix. The copy will be saved as 'Copy of ...'

to delete the mix. Remember: Once a mix is deleted it cannot be restored !