Software Demos


Briefly demonstrates BpmDj.

Speed Mixing

Creates a Mix of ~1h in ~6 minutes.

Cue Speed Tagging

Slow down or speed up your mix.


Bulldozer Launched

A demo on isomorophic crossfading, tempo changes, offset shifted transitions, cross-limited fades and other stuff. All done on music from the 90-ies.

Tobias Bassline Rocks

A remix of the Supernova mix ( made by Tobias Bassline. That guy seriously rocks. The mix is created by downloading all the tracks and then mixing them with BpmDj. I'm not sure whether the result is better. It is at least a lot shorter; from 2h40 to 1h40. Somewhere we lost an hour in the mix, which is not unexpected. I aim to play each track around 3 minutes.. just to keep it going.

An interpretation of Leah Browns' ElectroSwing Collection 1

This is an interpretation/remix of the original ElectroSwing volume 1 mix made by Leah Brown. We redid all transitions, added/removed some songs. Done with BpmDj.

Yixdees Winter 2016 Minimix

Mixing some 2013 tracks with a 2016 software. Features tracks from Loulou Players, Daniel Fernandes, Todd Terje, Sharam Jey/Kolombo, The Swiss, Platinum Doug and more.

EDS big room house mix lel

All tracks made and mixed by Inavon. This was his first mix with BpmDj.

Alice & Cassandra

Got to listen to the transitions here. From the sisters of mercy to the prodigy to the cranes.

Drum 'n Bass

And also Drum 'n Bass can be mixed with BpmDj.

Potasmix Q1 mix

A summer morning in spring.

The Box

Created this mix to test the loudness steered isomorphic crossfader. The crossfading envelope is steered by the song that has the loudest volume at each specific timepoint. The crossfader type is mostly a LR4 crossover.


Electrohouse, a mix originally made by The Marquis, but remade with BpmDj.

Wow - Doggie Style

A techno mix made by Potasmic. Contains tracks by Cripta, Daftwill, Infyuthsion and Rnzr. Mabye the first mix could be done better by using the cues to align the phrases/bars. Otherwise very nicely done and also great choice of tracks. His homepage at

Hi Nrg Trance Oldies

A big hour good old fashioned hi energy trance. This is the music we listened to when developing BpmDj.

Train Trip by Just Friday

This was made during a lonely train trip back home, somwhere in the french Arvern Mountains. It was made on a minimalistic setup with a very few track to dig in. But watching the lights in the Mountain and being rocked by the train drives me from track to track... Hope you'll enjoy it!

Chilly DJ Willy

Two hours chill.

New Year French Ardennes

A set we played at a new years party in the French Ardennes (2007->2008). In this mix we use the no-op crossfader and the panning crossfader.

Club Cheese & Ham

A cheesy club ham mix with groceries and a nice sun.

The Messenger

A Techno/Psytrance mix by Twisted Switch

A Little Dance

90-ies synth dance.


The Dunning-Kruger effect is interesting because I just realized that after being happy with a 'great mix' I did, that it is all shit and pointlessly put together. So now I realize it is not such a great mix. Of course, since people who realize their failings are truly great... Does that make the mix again great as well ? Meta-delusions.

Animated Beatgraphs

Yixdee vs Kepz

The mix contains alternating songs by Yixdee and Kepz. A subset of -in my mind- true french techno, interleaved with Australian chill.

The Dark Collection

A mix that contains various audiotool tracks. Straight from the artists hand into the mix.

Hammer Dub

Starting at Point Blank with Krukneks Dub, we dive directly into Uprisings Rotten Track... and continue with a variety of difficult to match music..