Supporting us

By donating to the further development of BpmDj you allow us to

  1. create more crossfilters
  2. create more sound effects
  3. improve the nearest neighbors detection
  4. create a desktop version of BpmDj
  5. conduct the needed research to bring BpmDj a generation further

In short, you make it possible for us to do our work

If in return for your donation you would like your name listed in the app and/or on the website, please contact us with the paypal reference you pass along in the comments field. E.g: in the 'Your message' field write a reference of your choice and contact us at


Feel free to donate to Nancy Gerits.

Bank transfer

Another possibility is to directly transfer to the following account.

  Werner Van Belle/Nancy Gerits
  Deutsche Postbank
  IBAN: DE86 6001 0070 0344 9107 05