BpmDj MixMate


BpmDj is a java application, which means that it will run under Windows, Linux or Mac without much problems

To install it you will need the java 1.8 runtime installed on your computer.

  1. Create a directory 'BpmDj'
  2. Save the file
    to that directory.
  3. Go to the testing directory and start the jar file. Either by double-clicking it, waving your hands or typing the command
    java -jar bpmdj-49102.jar
  4. If everything went fine, a file browser will be visible bottom left. Use it to navigate to your mp3's.
  5. BpmDj now starts analyzing the mp3's it saw. When a song becomes available it will show in the full list.
  6. Once a song is analyzed you can add it to the mix by double clicking it or clicking on the button.
  7. More information on how to create mixes can be found in the tutorial at http://bpmdj.yellowcouch.org/beatgraphs.html

Trouble Shooting

Java not found When you start 'java -jar bpmdj-49102.jar' and you receive an error that java is not found, then install java properly.

Class format error When you get a class file format error, you are very likely not using java 1.8. You can find this out by typing java -version

Lock file present If you receive an error about a lock file that is still present, then first make sure all java processes are indeed dead, and then remove the lock file and start again. BpmDj has no problem with sudden crashes, it does however have a serious problem with concurrent processes accessing the same database. So, please make sure there is no competing install running before removing the lock file.

Linux Notes

JavaFx missing - On suse, openjdk does not come with JavaFX installed. A solution is to install java as provided by Oracle.

Audio playback stutters and skips - It might happen that the audiostream 'stutters' while the playpointer skips forward quickly. This has to do with a badly implemented audiodriver. In particular pulseaudio is to blame. To solve this, disable pulseaudio and restart BpmDj. To disable pulseaudio in such a manner that Java/ALSA will not restart it automatically add the following line to your ~/.pulse/client.conf

    autospawn = no

Then kill pulseaudio and restart BpmDj.

The software slows down after using it for a while - this has to do with an interaction between the mesa drivers and the javafx render engine. This can be solved in two ways: Either you install proper hardware accelerated drivers (e.g: nvidia-374 or so) -or- you start BpmDj with a software rendering pipeline. That can be done with java -Dprism.order=sw -jar bpmdj-49102.jar

Mac Notes

Currently on mac there is no support for the Zathras timestretcher nor for mp3 export (BpmDj does howedver still export .wav files)


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