BpmDj can export .WAV files as well as .MP3 files.

To start an export

  1. click on the export menu item.
  2. Then select a directory where the mix should be saved and click on 'New'
  3. provide a filename.
  4. and click on 'Save'

Go to the Mix menu and select 'Export mix'

If you choose a filename that ends with .wav, a wave file will be written. BpmDj exports 44.1 kHz .WAV files. The maximum mix length that can be exported is 202 minutes or 3 hours 22 minutes. In this case the produced .WAV file will be 2Gb.

If you choose a filename that ends with .mp3, an mp3 will be rendered. The mp3 format is a 245kbps VBR mp3, created through liblame (same quality as the lame -V0 option)

Upload to Mixcloud

BpmDj allows you to immediatelly upload your mix to mixcloud. To do so click on Mix|Upload to MixCloud.

The upload process will, while it is rendering the mp3 save a copy for you to disk. After selecting the target directory, you need to log in into your soundcloud account through the popupwindow. If the login was successful the mix will be rendered to an mp3 and be uploaded.

Before starting the upload, make sure you have set the cover image, the description and mix tags.