BpmDj exports 44.1 kHz .WAV files. The maximum mix length that can be exported is 202 minutes or 3 hours 22 minutes. In this case the produced .WAV file will be 2Gb.

Because the android file system is fairly slow, an export takes about 1/6th of the length of the mix. That means that to export a mix of 2 hours, you will need 20 minutes of patience. BpmDj cannot be used during that time. For every minute exported, 10 Mb disk space is required.

The process itself requires 2 stages, which are documented below.

Stage 1: creating files

To start an export

  1. click on the export menu item.
  2. Then select a directory where the mix should be saved and click on 'New'
  3. provide a filename
  4. and click on 'Save'

At this stage the necessary files are created. Depending on the file system this can be instantaneous or take about 20 minutes. Just be patient if BpmDj appears to hang on 'Creating files'

Stage 2: writing data

Up to this point no audio has been rendered yet. During this stage the audio rendering takes place. All data is exported as 16 bit integers. The limiter is applied in all cases. The volume is used as it was set.