BpmDj was developed by Werner Van Belle (homepage).

BpmDj for Linux (the C and C++ source code) fall under the GPL2.

BpmDj for Desktop is written in Java and is closed source.


To retrieve the mp3 meta data we rely on a heavily reduced JAudioTagger library.

The git repository we offer (git:// is a small subsection of the original subversion repository. Only useful to track the changes we made. Otherwise please visit the original project.


A modified version of the Javazoom JLayer Mp3 decoder is used to decode mp3s. The modified version is about 2.5 times faster than the original on android. This was done by removing a number of intermediate buffers between function calls. Secondly, the modified version allows for exact seekability. That is: when BpmDj requests playposition 28598724, then the decoder will provide sample exact data.

The git repository for the modified JLayer library can be obtained from

The git repository for the Random Access Decoder can be obtained from


We rely on liblame to render mp3's. The lame library is found in the exported native libraries.


The french translation was made by Rachid Dumaquis and Noe Rubinstein


provided us with a free to use remote stacktrace, to help us keep track of crashes.

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