BpmDj provides you with cue points, which are nothing more than marking points. They make it easier to mark areas that interest you, like for instance the start of a phrase, or the position of certain vocals. By doing so, it becomes easier to align the beats (beat 1 to beat 1) and phrases (measure 1 to measure 1).

Cues are shown as little colored dots on the beatgraphs.

Setting cues

To modify the cues, tap the button. A series of new buttons should appear.

tap this to create a new cue at the current playing position (of the monitor). See the latency calibration section on how to calibrate the latency of your device. When a cue is set in a transition two cues will be generated. One connected to the previous song and one connected to the next song.

the cue that is currently selected is shown as . Sometimes cues might not be positioned fully correctly. By using the up-down handle and dragging it up/down you can move the cue up or down.

to work with another cue you can use the previous or next buttons

to delete a cue, press the delete button.

Aligning phrases

During transition editing two horizontal rulers appear. One from the nearest cue to the left and one from the nearest cue right of the transition. The rulers mark each 4 and each 8 bars, starting from or ending at the left/right cues. When the ticks on the rulers overlap the phrases are aligned.

Two cues which are not aligned according to their phrase and half-phrase ticks.

Two cues which are aligned according to their phrase and half-phrase ticks.