When things go wrong

A correct beatgraph visualization depends on a correct knowledge of the length of 1 bar. That in turn depends on a recognition of the time signature and the tempo. Although BpmDj is quite good in tempo detection, sometimes things go wrong. How this affects the beatgraphs and how it can be solved is explained below.

Tempo slightly wrong

When the tempo measurement is inaccurate, each visualized bar will pull in a bit too much or too little information in. This creates a drift that becomes larger with each consecutive bar. The result is a slanted beatgraph

Changing the angle of a beatgraph

To modify the angle of a beatgraph, open the song and then press and .

will appear in the middle of the song. Drag it up/down to modify the songs angle.

Time Signature Wrong

The time signature affects the length of a bar. E.g: a 4/4 rhythm at 120 BPM, has a bar length of 2 seconds and will show 4 beats per bar. However if the song were a 3/4 rhythm at 120 BPM, then each bar would be 1.5 seconds and only show 3 beats per bar.

If BpmDj measures the time signature wrong then it will show the wrong numbers of beats per bar, as shown in the above pictures

Modifying the time signature

To modify the time signature of a song you first need to open the song by pressing on the button. Then press on the button.

The BPM section should open with 3 buttons.

Tap this button every bar. After three or four bars the algorithm will figure out what time signature would have been most appropriate.

If you skipped a bar or felt you were inaccurate, you can press reset. This will reset the counter.

If you want to accept the shown tempo as the correct one.

Treat song as double or halve tempo

If you have a song playing at 60 BPM, and you would like to append a song at 120 BPM behind it, the most natural thing to do is not to play the second song at half speed, but just to act as if it were a song at 60 BPM. Thus treat the song at half tempo in the mix.

This decission is mostly automatically made by BpmDj. However, if you have a long series of songs slowly building up in tempo, you might end up with songs that are interpreted wrongly as 300 BPM instead of 150 BPM. Similarly, if you choose a tempo-unlocked transition then the next song does not need to match the old tempo in any way, and a doubling or halving of the native song tempo is not necessary.

If you want to change the tempo interpretation of the song, go to the song segment, open it, click on . In that menu you will see two buttons *2 and /2. When you click either of them, all the following songs will double or halve their barlength as well.