Meet us at CCC 2015

This year we will again be at the Chaos Communication Camp 2015.

At CCC 2011, we gave a talk on how BpmDj performs its audio analysis. Two years later, at OHM 2013, we explained how the nearest neighbor detection and associated weight matrix is created. This year, we won't talk about the project anymore, but instead give you the opportunity to meet the developers directly.

Bring your music and create a mix

Actually, we want you to come to us with ~100 tracks and an idea for a mix. We will then sit together and create that mix.

If the mix is longer than an hour and contains at least 10 songs, you earn one of the magic BpmDj cups. When cold they are mostly dark. When warm, they show the BpmDj logo, with on the backside the text 'Stay tuned, stay sharp, keep mixing'.

Impressions of the Camp

Grappa - the camp is over. The sun was burning. The rain falling. The DJ the first day great until the main act came the second day. He or she was not that great. And then someone started yelling grappa > the entire long night <. Yes he had a powerfull setup :(

Game of thrones - then there was this absolutely brilliant DJ who thought that mixing a techno beat over the title music of Game of Thrones music was 'a good thing'. On popular demand, here is another one like that: Listen to it now, before it is ripped apart by two different copyright dogs.

Javier Fernandez - tried BpmDj and created an uplifting energizing mix. Had a lot of fun talking to him as well.

Chris Talib - came in with 10 songs to test the software and wanted to mix them. Result at Also lots of fun talking to him.

The polish expedition - then there was this polish guy that should have been at a psytrance camp, not a hackerscamp. Useles hours of discussion to do nothing.

The native instruments kid - a kid of one of the Native Instruments beta testers was apparently interested in the heat sensitive cups. Came in, threw 10 songs in a mix. Relied a lot on the automixer and got the cup. I think he was the fastest of the bunch.

Weather - the sun was way too hot. Then the rain. Morning I promise that people can come back to test BpmDj when it is dark. Evening, then the storm hits us. Everybody in brick shelters. That was it for BpmDj testing and demonstrations