Hammer Dub

This mix contains various audiotool tracks, most of them are CC-SA, some of them might be CC-SA-NC. The tracks have not been mastered before mixing. They went straight from the artists hand into the mix.

Starting at Point Blank with Krukneks Dub, we dive directly into Uprisings Rotten Track. Great one that is. After that we need some Freq'ing out before decidedly invading the factory with Dj Zed. A black color is all we get before becoming Apphotictally disturbed. I have no idea what that means. The CGMan brings us to a higher tempo to finally KSvbi and we end the mix with some proper Syntax: relaxed 'Waves in the sunset'

1. 00:00 Point Blank Dub by Kruknek (140 BPM)

2. 02:30 Rotten by Uprising (140 BPM)

3. 05:15 Freq'ing out by Dustin Ross and Oscar Ollie (140 BPM)

4. 08:00 Factor Invasion by Dj FerdD (150 BPM)

5. 10:30 Black Color by Zend (160 BPM)

6. 13:15 The Aphotic Disturbance by Dei Servus (160 BPM)

7. 17:15 CGMan by Aron (160 BPM)

8. 19:15 Ksvbi by Teutonist & Tott Remix (180 BPM)

9. 23:00 Waves in the Sunset by Syntax Maddox (174 BPM)

Hammer Dub as MP3