Demonstrating Transitions

We start out with 10 tracks, already in the workspace. The task ahead is mixing them, which boils down to finding the start beat, the start phrase and then aligning them. In about 6 minutes we create a mix of about 1 hour.

The full Mix can be listened to at mixcloud

The titles of the song fragments in this demo are to be found at the top of each beatgraph. In order of appearance: Popcorn/Eskimo, Running out of Time/Melicia, LSD/1200 Mics, Flair/12 Moons, Virgo/Talamasca, Chaos/Astral Projection, Out there in the Universe/Space Tribe, Planet 604/G-Light, Bony Incus/MWNN remix of Eat Static and lastly Dance or Die/Alien Project.

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